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We are inspired by an open and creative work environment. We stimulate
new and creative initiatives and follow all recent professional developments.
Our specialist can help and support in research and product development
but also in design, (e)marketing and sales.

One of the activities of BodyView is to develop successful webshops. The basis for these
webshops is to offer a wide range of relevant products and sell these for competitive prices.

Another activity of BodyView is to develop innovative and high quality healthcare products.
We provide food supplements, nutraceuticals and cosmetic products. All with a fully
integrated product development service from research and development activities through to
product testing, manufacturing, packaging, design, marketing and sales services.

BodyView specialises in sales and distribution of own healthcare products as well as
products of third parties. We are also able to supply your Private Label concept. Therefore,
BodyView is constantly looking for new partners and also wishes to extend her activities to
other countries, in addition to the countries where we are already present. When you
are interested in one of the above activities, please contact our export department:

BodyView is part of the DuSart Pharma group and most of our products are manufactured at
DuSart Pharma. DuSart Pharma is producing following the highest standards. DuSart Pharma
produces many different products varying from tablets, capsules, powders, creams,
ointments, syrups and various types of liquid preparations mostly on a natural and biological basis.
The first department 'Liquid formulations' is GMP approved and a department
'Solid formulations' is HACCP approved.
DuSart Pharma bv

All products are placed into production after quality control and release trough the QA/QC
department. On behalf of this quality control the laboratory makes use of all the latest
equipment. We have an extensive Quality Assurance System. This comprises all factors that
in themselves, or in connection with others, influence the quality of a product. It is the total
of organised regulations (quality system) that is established in order to obtain sufficient
certainty with regard to the quality of the product to be released for the market.

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